VT Diner Tour: Country Girl Diner


Country Girl Diner, Chester, VT

Country Girl Diner is a Silk City Silver Diner (#178) built in Paterson, New Jersey, in 1944. It began its life in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, and was moved to Chester in 1961. Surrounded by a generous parking lot, it is easy to find on Route 103 (Main Street). In addition to the diner, there is an outdoor deck and picnic tables on a patch of lawn.

This Silk City Diner is small—6 booths and 16 stools at the counter—and it filled up fast the day we visited. It was easy to see why. The food was very good, the waitresses were full of personality, and the atmosphere was very diner-appropriate with jazzy old-time music in the background and lots of whimsical touches including vintage posters and specials with creative names like “The Vermonte Cristo.” It was obviously a favorite of locals as well as out-of-staters, judging by the friendly banter inside and the license plates outside.


Cooking is done in a kitchen added onto the back of the diner, rather than in the original space behind the counter, and restrooms are also located in the addition. The interior of the diner is well-maintained with lots of original gleaming stainless steel behind the counter and a shiny vaulted ceiling. It also contains the original mosaic tiled floor, black and white ceramic tiles on vertical surfaces, and the original footrests, as well as a full complement of red vinyl stools, all in great shape.


The diner serves breakfast until 11:30, followed by lunch until 2:30, Monday through Saturday. Their lunch menu included a nice selection of sandwiches without being overwhelming, as well as a variety of burgers and several types of foot-long hotdogs. They also had a few platters, soups, specials, and a children’s menu.

I ordered my usual BLT and Don had their Smash Burger, a hamburger with raw diced onions pressed into the burger before cooking.

BLT: My BLT was chock full of tasty bacon neatly overlapped throughout, generous tomato slices (of the solid but tasteless restaurant type), and lots of leaf lettuce. The menu mentioned Texas toast, but the bread was commercial and normal thickness, nicely toasted. It was accompanied by very tasty kettle chips and a big sour pickle wedge. Fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings were offered as alternatives to chips for an additional fee.  On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being excellent and 5 being average, I gave it (9). The Texas toast would have been nice, and some day I hope to have a real tomato.

Burger: Don’s burger was made from freshly ground beef and came with melted Swiss cheese, tomato, and lettuce and was very tasty with the onions caramelizing on the outside. It was accompanied by a generous amount of nicely cooked handcut fries and a big sour pickle wedge. While restaurant fries can often go unfinished, every one of these fries disappeared! The bun was good, and the sandwich held together well. He gave it a (9). The tomato was the usual hot-house type and the lettuce was just okay.

Dessert: The menu included some interesting desserts including homemade pies and cheesecake. According to the website, all of their pies and baked goods are made onsite with high quality ingredients including Vermont products like King Arthur Flour and Cabot Creamery butter. We did not partake, as we were pleasantly full.

BLT with chips and pickle wedge: $8.00
Burger with Swiss cheese, fries, and pickle wedge: $9.00
Root beer, cheerfully refilled free of charge: $2.00

Total bill before taxes and gratuity: $21.00 

The Country Girl Diner accepts cash only. They do have an ATM onsite.

Restrooms: The single-person restrooms were clean and well-maintained. (10)

Service: Delightful. Despite being super-busy, the waitresses were cheerful, funny, and friendly, as well as attentive. A real pleasure. (10)

Overall experience: 9.5

Contact Information

Country Girl Diner
46 Vermont Rt. 103
Chester, Vt. 05143

(802) 875-1003


The Country Girl Diner is open for breakfast and lunch Monday thru Saturday, from 7 to 2:30. On Sundays they serve breakfast all day, from 7 to 2:00. During the summer, they add Friday night dinner from 5 to 8, but will close sooner if they run out of food. Full menus are available on their website.