VT Diner Tour: The Windsor Diner

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The Windsor Diner, Windsor, VT

The Windsor Diner is easy to find on Route 5, Main Street, in Windsor, Vermont. Parking is on the street, but we had no problem finding a spot. The original curved roof of this Worcester Lunch Car Company diner is hidden beneath a conventional roof, and an extension to one side holds additional seating. The extension continues behind the diner, providing space for restrooms and a dishwashing area. At the end of June in 2016, when we visited, the road had just been repaved and the sidewalks were still under construction.

Inside, this diner is a gleaming pleasure to behold. The original configuration has been retained, with the long counter and stools facing the cooking area and the original coolers and  work area at the far end still in use. (More photos here.) Booths stand along the outside wall. Signs identify the diner as #835, built in 1952. The two women working out front that day (I believe one was the owner) kept up a jovial, teasing banter between themselves and with patrons, giving the place a welcoming, fun atmosphere. Service was quick and friendly, and their motto, “Good Food Fast,” was accurate.


BLT: My BLT was very good, with a generous amount of flavorful bacon, a relatively tasty tomato, lots of lettuce, and plenty of mayo on whole wheat bread toasted just right. A long slice of a dill pickle and a mound of ripple chips came with it. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being excellent and 5 being average, I gave it (9). Homemade bread would have pushed it all the way to a 10.

Burger: Don’s burger was also very good, made with 1/3 pound of real ground beef, instead of a chewy commercial patty. He opted for the hamburger plate in order to have French fries instead of chips, and the plate included a portion of very tasty cole slaw. Tomato, onion, pickle, and lettuce were also included, and the burger was cooked medium-well, as he requested. He gave it a (9) because he’s saving a 10 for a burger that knocks his socks off, but this one came close.

French Fries: The handcut fries were very brown and somewhat soggy. (7)

Dessert: Don chose the cherry crumble, made in-house as are all their desserts, and it was so excellent, he gave it a (10). I tried a little, and I agreed.

BLT: $5.50, included chips and a large pickle spear
Burger: $8.95, included French fries, cole slaw, lettuce, tomato, raw onions, and a large pickle spear
Dessert: $3.95
Root beers: $2.00 each (large), no refills offered

Total bill before taxes and gratuity: $22.40 

The Windsor Diner does not accept credit cards.

Restrooms: The restrooms were single-use, designated by gender, small and unremarkable, and very clean. (10)

Service: Friendly, fast, and welcoming. Nice people who seemed to sincerely enjoy what they were doing. (10)

Overall experience: 9

Contact Information
The Windsor Diner
135 Main St
Windsor, VT
(802) 674-5555


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