VT Diner Tour: Miss Lyndonville Diner

Miss Lyndonville diner

Miss Lyndonville Diner, Lyndonville, VT

The Miss Lyndonville is easy to find as it sits on Route 5 in Lyndonville in a business district. The original diner has been surrounded by frame-built construction so that from the outside, it looks like any restaurant. Inside, it is very clean, bright, and well-maintained, with a large number of booths and tables, and one can sit in the original diner. Artwork by local artists adorns the walls, and everything about it is bright and cheery.

Miss Lyndonville counter

We seated ourselves and were immediately greeted by a friendly waitress. We ordered our usual BLT on toasted whole wheat for me and a well-done burger for Don. Neither came with chips or fries included, so we added an order of onion rings that the waitress assured us would serve two. The place was well-staffed with people busing tables and filling salt shakers.

The food was served in a reasonable amount of time, and the surroundings were so pleasant, the wait was no problem. The food itself, however, was somewhat disappointing.

BLT: The BLT was made with dry, crumbly, over-toasted (read burnt) bread that literally fell apart, leaving me to grip the lettuce, tomato, and bacon without the benefit of bread in several places. The bacon was generous and tasty; the tomato was okay for an off-season tomato. Lettuce was unremarkable. Mayo okay. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being excellent and 5 being average, I gave it a (4).

Burger: Came medium, not well-done. Was the usual chewy compressed ground beef purchased in patty form. Bun average. Tomato, lettuce, etc. okay. (7)

Onion rings: Commercial frozen, no-taste onion rings with uniformly gritty cornmeal coating. Nicely deep-fried; not greasy. (5)

Dessert: Maple Cream Pie (7)

BLT: $4.49, included one minor pickle slice
Burger: $4.99, one minor pickle slice
Onion rings: $3.29
Pie: $3.79
Root beers: $1.99 ea.

Total bill before taxes and gratuity: $20.54

Restrooms: men/women separate; sunny, large, and clean; multiple stalls; interesting pictures of traditional railroad-style diners on the walls; well-maintained; fresh and very nice. (10)

Service: excellent; quick; friendly. Well-staffed. (10)

Overall experience: 7

Parting thoughts: the inclusion of chips would have raised the rating, but probably also the prices. Very clean and nice atmosphere; extensive menu. Other food choices might fare better. Give it a try if you’re in the St. Johnsbury/Lyndonville area.

Contact Information
Miss Lyndonville Diner
686 Broad St.
Lyndonville, VT 05851



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